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Become a Partner

The ESP Partnership Opportunity

As a democratic, physician-owned and physician-managed group, Emergency Service Partners is pleased to offer its physicians the opportunity to belong to a stable partnership. In addition to competitive pay and benefits, ESP offers its physicians the option to purchase an ownership stake in the group practice by joining the limited partnership.

Approximately 170 physicians (a majority of our active, full-time doctors) are already partners! They have chosen to invest in their future while remaining actively involved in their clinical practice.

Accomplished, full-time physicians have the opportunity to participate in the ESP partnership and to become involved in the decision-making process that sets overall company policy, procedure, and practice environment.

Partnership is entirely optional. Physicians who do not elect to become partners are not penalized in any way. They still have an active voice in the clinical practice at their site, still benefit from fair and equitable scheduling, and enjoy the many other benefits of working with ESP.

Our one-year partnership track allows new physicians to acclimate to their clinical environments and to see for themselves how ESP surpasses other physician groups by keeping our physicians' best interests at heart. True partnerships in emergency medicine are hard to come by. Our physician partners appreciate the personal feel and the support that comes from sharing responsibility for the success of the business.

Although there is no guarantee of profitability, if the partnership is profitable and there are funds available for distribution, Partners receive quarterly distributions based on their ownership percentage.

Generally, ESP physicians in good standing are eligible to join the partnership after one year of full-time service. ESP staff determines eligibility based on this and other criteria as outlined in the Partnership Agreement.




Find out why ESP is the largest EM partnership in Texas! Call 888-800-8237 today to speak with one of our physician recruiters about our current opportunities and the partnership option.