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Risk Management

SafetyCoreEmergency Service Partners has achieved exceptional, industry-leading results in malpractice risk management and patient safety. The company strives to prevent patient injuries and deaths by diligently collecting reliable patient safety data and responding with effective education. To this end, ESP’s risk management programs include the proprietary SafetyCore™ Program, in partnership with EB Medicine.

The SafetyCore™ Program is an evidence-based risk identification and risk solution program. The program utilizes outcome data analysis to uncover the core malpractice risks in the Emergency Department (ED), and addresses those risks with CME modules that feature videos produced by ESP and articles from EB Medicine (Evidence Based Medicine). The program also offers the SafetyCore™ Risk Tracker database, a software solution that allows organizations to identify and respond to their most significant malpractice risks.

Each module contains a streamlined video produced by ESP, an article selected from EB Medicine, and CME questions at the end. The CME questions allow users to save their progress.

The 2015 SafetyCore™ program will address topics including:

  • Thoracic Aortic Dissection
  • Posterior Stroke
  • Pediartric Unusual Infections
  • Fractures/Discrepancies/Tracking and Follow-Up
  • Rapport and Communications

In 2014, SafetyCore™ welcomed a new contributor, Dr. Pat Crocker, ESP's Director of Best Practices and Quality Improvement. Crocker's experience includes nearly 30 years as a respected and innovative emergency department medical director.

Airway Course

The SafetyCore™ program includes a hands-on Airway Management CME course. Through the Airway Course, ESP slashed its five-year claims frequency for failed intubations to zero. Through its overall risk management and SafetyCore programs, ESP has consistently achieved claims frequency rates less than half of the comparable benchmark.

The SafetyCore™ Program is available to medical groups, facilities, and malpractice insurers. For more information, please contact safetycore@eddocs.com.

The following video highlights features of the SafetyCore™ video CME program: