Obstetric Hospitalist Program Demonstrates Positive Results

Daniel Dawson, MD

Emergency Service Partners launched its first Obstetric Hospitalist (or Laborist) services in September 2015 at CHI St. Joseph Health Regional Hospital in Bryan, TX. Led by Dr. Daniel Dawson, a longtime ob-gyn physician in the area, with the support of Dr. Brandon Lewis, an ESP Board member and the ED medical director in Bryan, the program is going well and appears to be successful for both St. Joseph and ESP.

The Ob Hospitalists at St. Joseph provide in-house coverage and are available to perform obstetric triage (relieving the nurse from triage/screening exam), provide labor/inpatient management to unassigned obstetric patients, provide operative and inpatient management to unassigned gynecologic emergency patients, serve as a surgical assistant to community physicians performing Caesarean sections, provide night/weekend/vacation coverage for community Ob physicians, and perform inpatient and observation gynecologic consults.

During the first five months of the program, ESP laborist physicians saw approximately 1,300 patients and performed roughly 135 deliveries. Drs. Dawson and Lewis recently surveyed the labor and delivery department nurses to gauge their satisfaction with the program. Results include:

  • 93% of L&D nurses said the program has improved both patient care and patient safety.
  • More than 86% of nurses said their job satisfaction has improved.
  • All rated the quality of our OB hospitalist physicians as a 4 or 5 (on a scale of 1-5).

ESP is examining opportunities to expand this service line to other hospitals that may be interested in such services. For more information about beginning an OB hospitalist program at your hospital, please contact Jim Zaza, Vice President, Business Development.

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About Emergency Service Partners, L.P.

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