"When I joined ESP as a nurse practitioner, I was living in Houston and working for a large medical center hospital, but always kept an eye open for the right position here in the Austin area. I was pleased to find this position, as it seemed exactly what I was looking for, and indeed it has been. The pay/compensation and benefits are wonderful, and certainly competitive, to b sure. But what I am constantly amazed by are my experiences with my fellow employees at all levels. From administration to office staff, scheduling, HR, credentialing, and fellow providers comes professionalism, mutual respect, and genuine friendliness. There is a sense of family and belonging within the organization that I had not experienced prior to joining ESP, and which I appreciate. I am proud to be able to say that I belong to the ESP family whenever I get the chance."

–Jeremy Nelson, ACNP
  Round Rock, TX

Todd Nash, MD"I joined ESP in 2005, after working a few years in North Carolina. The difference was striking: at ESP I was immediately treated like a valued colleague and a partner. Everyone, from the co-founders to HR, to scheduling, wanted me to be happy and safe and feel like part of the team. ESP has grown immensely since then, but I think we still strive to provide that environment for our doctors. While at ESP I've worked in rural EDs and big medical centers. I've worked with students and residents and even done some cutting-edge research and became a medical director. As ESP continues to grow, our doctors have even more opportunities and more support to build a practice that is personally satisfying and rewarding. Building long-term partnerships with our doctors and our hospitals creates a very stable platform for our physicians to build wonderful careers in emergency medicine!"
–Todd Nash, MD
  ED Medical Director
  Seton Northwest Hospital
  Austin, TX

Shari Moreland"When I first started with ESP in the summer of 1995, we were a small company working in only a few hospitals. At that time, the executive team had a vision to grow this company and become a strong leader that our hospitals could rely on for excellent patient care. We have definitely grown, but we are still with those original hospitals because building relationships has always been important to ESP. I have had a front row seat to watch the vision come to fruition. I have enjoyed working with ESP for the last 20 years because we have a constantly changing environment due to growth, I continue to be challenged, leadership encourages professional development, and we are a true team working toward a common goal. I am excited to see what we will accomplish in the next 20 years!"
–Shari Moreland
  Accounting Director
  ESP Employee Since 1995

Bennie Fore, MD"In 1988, I was working in North Texas and getting restless. I attended an ACEP meeting in San Antonio and checked out some openings, but all I found were jobs in the San Antonio area. Like a lot of people, I was really looking for a job in Austin. I went back home and forgot about those conversations until about a month later, out of the blue, I received a call from Dr. Sam Roberts. He and Dr. Bruce Moskow were trying to start up a group at Seton Hospital in Austin, and they had been given my name secondhand from someone in San Antonio. I liked them both from the start, and thankfully they liked me and hired me in May to start in July.
That group, Third Coast Emergency Physicians--which started with 7 physicians--has grown to be what ESP is today. Although I have seen many people come and go during the years, I never thought about leaving and the reasons are many. Through it all, Sam, Bruce, and eventually CEO Cheryl Conner were always able to see the bigger picture and make the adjustments needed to continue to provide high-quality care, maintain our standing and reputation within the local, state, and national medical community, and expand the group while maintaining a group integrity that is second to none.
In spite of the size of our group today, I have developed many close friendships, and the response to someone's individual tribulations is always overwhelming. I have been the benefit of that response on numerous occasions. I also feel that I can approach anyone in the group, including Sam, Bruce, and Cheryl, and get some sound advice if I am facing a particularly troublesome situation. I can look around and see a lot of really hard workers here, who care about the quality of care that we provide and the people with whom we provide that care, and it makes me really proud to be a part of it."
–Bennie Fore, MD
  ED Medical Director
  Seton Smithville Regional Hospital
  ESP Physician Since 1988

Trent Apple, PA

"I have been consistently impressed with the respect and tremendous support that I have received from the physicians and staff at ESP, who all work together as an integrated team. From scheduling to credentialing to payroll, HR, and leadership, their professionalism and efficiency have made providing excellent patient care seamless. I have enjoyed opportunities to work at several different sites and gain new experiences in a variety of communities. In my practice, I am afforded a great deal of autonomy and benefit from collaborating with my physician colleagues as well. I feel like a valued member of the ED team, and I look forward to many more years with ESP."

–Trent Apple, PA

“Emergency Service Partners has consistently been an outstanding partner. I have been happy to partner with ESP as they seem to embrace our mission and core values as an organization. I most appreciate the willingness of the physician group to embrace change. Collaboratively we have redesigned processes to deliver some of the best care and outcomes in our country. ESP has ensured that we have high-quality, board-certified physicians in our ED. The commitment to patient satisfaction and quality, safe care is greatly appreciated and has helped deliver outstanding outcomes.”

–Deon Hobbs, RN
 Chief Nursing Officer
 CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital
 New Braunfels, TX

Timothy Curran, MD"One of the failures of Emergency Medicine as a specialty is that many doctors work their entire career for a group and are treated no differently after 20 years of service than someone who joined the group yesterday. They have no ownership, no clout, no retirement--just a hired hand who is easily replaceable. What sets ESP apart from those groups is that they value people. The company values hard work and loyalty, and is run by true professionals who put people in front of profit. I feel very lucky to work for ESP, as these have been the best years of my career. Since becoming director of my emergency department, ESP has given me incredible support to allow me to succeed in my position. The lack of a corporate feel and a family-style culture makes it a joy for me to be involved in this great company."

–Timothy Curran, MD
  ED Medical Director
  CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital
  New Braunfels, TX

Lynn Sprinkle, RN"I have had the pleasure of working both with and for ESP's founding physicians and CEO since they began their journey in 1988. For more than a quarter century, I have seen them remain firm in their commitment to the industry and, more importantly, the patients we serve. They have been involved in local, state and national committees as well as provided leadership and support to our various sites. I would not want to work with any other group!"
–Lynn Sprinkle, RN, BSN
  Contract Manager
  ESP Employee Since (at least) 1996

Janna Welch, MD"I've been with ESP since I finished residency. At the time, I thought I had my dream job working in an urban trauma center with a diverse patient population. Over time, I learned that the benefits of working for ESP went far beyond the financial. As partners, we really have the ability to be decision-makers for how medicine is practiced in our hospitals and how the profession will grow within our region. ESP had the foresight to champion an emergency medicine residency in Austin. As a result, I've had the opportunity mid-career to become an academic. I've had a fantastic time teaching residents and will be here to help open our new medical school. In talking to our residents about their future job prospects, I always tell them to look for a job that isn't only what they really want in the next few years, but a position that offers flexibility, diversity, and the ability to grow. We are truly lucky to have that in ESP."
–Janna Welch, MD
  University Medical Center Brackenridge
  Austin, TX
  ESP Physician Since 2005

"I enjoy working at ESP because my current medical director/ physician group is positive and includes mid-level providers in communication and processes. I feel like a part of the ED team, rather than a second-class provider. I also have great flexibility to spend time with my family while working for ESP."
–Ellen Rutledge, MSN, NP-C
  Seton Medical Center Harker Heights
  ESP Provider Since 2013

B. Lucas Harper, MD"In the 13 years I have worked for ESP, I am consistently pleased with the level of commitment of our staff. There are no loose ends. Whether it is seamless billing, dependable credentialing, or flexible schedulers, the company provides the ED physician with all the necessary support at the local level. This allows the physicians to concentrate primarily on patient care. In other words, ESP "closes the loop" in the practice of emergency medicine. Physicians feel supported at the individual level and our hospital witnesses ESP's commitment at the corporate level. I am sure that is why my local hospital has continued to partner with ESP since 1997."

–B. Lucas Harper, MD
  Kerrville, TX

“As a hospital-based, contracted service, ESP’s administration and providers have been responsive to the needs of the facility, the patients and the changing dynamics of health care. In a collaborative partnership, we have focused on tangible ER-based metrics to improve the care and patient experience at Cedar Park Regional Medical Center while transitioning to a regional acute care provider. Our organizational transformation to offer higher acuity service offerings, community partnerships and care metrics that are second to none could not have been possible without the strong physician leadership associated with ESP.”

–Brad Holland
  Chief Executive Officer
  Cedar Park Regional Medical Center
  Cedar Park, TX

Mark Wilson, FNP"Having worked with ESP since 1998, I can attest that ESP has great emergency departments that are well-run and are staffed by excellent clinicians. ESP strives for good working relationships between the physicians, PAs, NPs, and nurses, which creates a positive working environment. I appreciate ESP’s emphasis on education, risk management, and creating safe places to work. The company truly expects excellence from its providers and encourages them to focus on what is best for their patients. I wouldn’t work anywhere else!"

–Mark Wilson, FNP
  Austin, TX

Sean Fleming, MD“Coming to work with Emergency Service Partners as an ED medical director was an easy decision after experiencing the recruiting process, meeting with the leadership team, and visiting with colleagues I've known from residency who have worked with ESP. With the contract manager to assist with the transition—plus the administrative staff doing scheduling, credentialing, and being available to answer any questions—the support provided was phenomenal. The orientation time allowed me to learn about the resources available online to track quality measures and throughput times, and address patient and physician concerns. I could not envision a transition process that could have been better.”

–Sean Fleming, MD
  ED Medical Director
  Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital
  Flower Mound, TX

Erik Jacobsen, MD“The compensation package that I've received is comparable to anybody else I've ever worked for. They really seem to care about my future in emergency medicine. It's not really a job, it's a career—I can build a career through ESP.”

–Erik Jacobsen, MD
  CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System
  Texarkana, TX

Lisa Anders"I have been working at ESP for more than 10 years. I must say it has the most caring, professional, exceptional people I have ever had the privilege to work for. The group is like a family, meeting and accepting the challenges and changes that health care throws our way. It's not hard to see why so many of us have been here for such a long time. Great leadership with great people lead one place: excellence!
–Lisa Anders
  Administrative Assistant
  ESP Employee Since 2004

Sam Roberts, MD“Tip for Residents: Find a practice that allows for your input, preferably one with a partnership structure that allows you to share in the successes of the practice.”

–Sam Roberts, MD, FACEP
  Founding Partner, ESP
  Austin, TX

"Key advantages displayed by ESP include excellent patient care standards, quality board-certified physicians, commitment to a superior patient care experience, strong medical staff leadership and committee participation, and cost-effective care."

–John Brindley
  Formerly of Seton Healthcare Family
  Austin, TX

“The ESP team is wonderful to work with. Collaboration between the nurses and physicians is very high. The patient care that is delivered in our emergency department is exceptional as a result of this kind of commitment and teamwork.”

–Joyce Batcheller, RN, MSN, CNAA
  Formerly of the Seton Healthcare Family
  Austin, TX

“Emergency Service Partners contracted with our hospital at opening in 2010. I am very supportive of the relationship as they have brought quality, board-certified physicians and medical staff leadership. They have also teamed with the hospital to develop a quality EMR, efficient and quality patient care standards and protocols, and cost-effective care. ESP is always available to assist during the start-up operations.”

–Shelley Tobey RN, MS, CENP
  Chief Nursing Officer/Chief Clinical Officer
  Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital
  Flower Mound, TX

"I have been working with ESP as an emergency physician for not quite one year now. Simply put, I am blown away by how much I am enjoying working for this group. Everyone from the office staff to the co-founders of the group are all very kind, fair, and eager to see you enjoy your career. I have never seen any physician group so intent on keeping you happy, healthy, and balanced for the long term.

Shifts are pleasant, with an appropriate but not excessive patient volume. Admitting hospitalists as well as back-up specialists are all competent and eager to take care of your patients. The schedule is comfortable and fair. All of this is set in the backdrop of Austin, Texas, and the surrounding region, which we have found to be an extremely fun, fit, and artistic area with gorgeous weather and a million things to do.

I can't express enough how nice it is to come to work at a pleasant, low-stress hospital, see a patient population that is appropriate, work alongside people you enjoy, get paid very well for it, and then come home to one of the best areas in the country. Choosing ESP has been one of the wisest decisions I have ever made."

–Brannon Duncan, MD
  Seton Medical Center
  Austin, TX

Robert "Bob" Harding Jr.“After leaving residency in Pennsylvania to work with ESP in Texas, I did not know how the adjustment would be. The warm welcome from the staff at the various emergency departments that I work in and the support of the ESP organization made my transition from resident to attending surprisingly easy. I have benefited from the established relationships that ESP has developed with their partner hospitals and the mentorship from older physicians in the group.”

–Bob Harding, DO
  ED Medical Director
  Seton Highland Lakes Hospital
  Burnet, TX

"For almost ten years, I've worked for ESP as a nurse practitioner and couldn't ask for a better employer. Everyone in the office is friendly, professional, and responsive to my needs. The scheduling is great, my compensation package is more than fair, and I have access to the latest medical reference books. Most of all, I appreciate the relationship I have with the ESP physicians. They are consistently supportive and treat me as a valued colleague. All this adds up to a very satisfying job situation that I plan on sticking with until retirement."

–Travis Pipkin, FNP

“It is impossible to perform as a top 10% emergency department without continuous process improvement, quality assurance, and teamwork. With ESP, our working relationships have allowed us to implement new processes, policies, and procedures in a rapid and efficient manner.

A good physician/nurse relationship is imperative to the success of the department, and that is exactly what ESP brings to the table. In fact, it is this relationship that I utilize as one of the selling points during my nurse interviews, to which most nurses raise their eyebrows. They are involved, active, and hold themselves accountable--and as a result, I attribute a large part of our success as a unit to their involvement and seamless teamwork.”

–Curtis Townsend, RN, CEN
  Former Clinical Manager
  Seton Medical Center
  Austin, TX

"Emergency Service Partners contracted with our hospital in 1997. I have been very pleased with this group. They stay actively involved with the ED physicians. From a Nurse Manager point of view, I appreciate their listening to nursing input and responding quickly when/if a problem does arise. They have always been just a phone call away and available to help with statistics involving comparisons between our hospital and others. I am very happy with this contract service."

–Sharon Keith, RN
  ED Nurse Manager
  Peterson Regional Medical Center
  Kerrville, TX

“It is a genuine pleasure to work with Emergency Service Partners physicians for our clinical quality and patient safety initiatives. I have never seen any group so thoroughly understand that it is impossible to give the highest level of patient-centered care unless the hospital, its employees, and its physicians all partner to collaborate in making that happen.”

–Frank Mazza, MD
 Former Vice President, Medical Affairs
 Seton Medical Center
 Austin, TX

“Emergency Service Partners has consistently been an outstanding partner for Seton Southwest. There is a clear commitment to excellence in patient safety and the total patient experience. I could not ask for a better team of physicians or medical director who clearly understand and embrace our mission and our values as an organization.

I most appreciate the positive approach this physician group takes in collaboratively helping us deal with the real challenges of effectively managing staffing and process to provide safe and efficient care. The openness to new ideas and creative approaches in dealing with growing volumes and growing patient demands is very much appreciated.

I believe our unique relationship has enabled us to test new approaches to deliver some of the best emergency care in the country. It is absolutely wonderful to have such a strong emergency physician group partner.”

–Mary Faria, PhD, FACHE
  Seton Southwest Hospital
  Austin, TX

“We at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center have been very pleased with the level of service, commitment, and especially the shared philosophy of caring for people that we have seen in the physicians and management at ESP for over the past year.”

–Michelle Rumbaut
  Associate Administrator
  Guadalupe Regional Medical Center
  Seguin, TX

Dr. Brandon Lewis“As a young physician, one of the biggest benefits of joining ESP was the outstanding medical directors. My director had a wealth of knowledge and experience and was a great mentor. More importantly, he went out of his way to support me both personally and professionally.”

–Brandon Lewis, DO
  ED Medical Director
  St. Joseph Regional Health Center
  Bryan, TX

Sohan Parekh, MD“There are significant advantages to being a partner with ESP in our fully-democratic group. Beyond the financial opportunities, partnership offers doctors a real voice in the direction of the company, opportunities for business leadership, and a camaraderie that is unique to a physician-owned group.”

–Sohan Parekh, MD
  Austin, TX

Joel Dow, DO“Having worked for several other companies in rural emergency departments across Texas, I can say unequivocally that ESP has been the most interested in maintaining open lines of communication among physicians and with ESP leadership. Being able to call any of my colleagues or leaders and feel like I have a personal relationship with them has been invaluable for me.

Because many of the ED-boarded physicians work at the rural sites periodically, getting to know them personally makes it seem just that much easier when it comes time to transfer to the tertiary care hospitals. The sense of family at ESP is palpable, from all of the staff at the office being genuinely interested in our well-being to the colleagues I have who are close friends.”

–Joel Dow, DO
  Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital
  Luling, TX